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The Third Eye Chakra - Inspiration and Intuition

Seven Chakra Series 6/7

Do you remember the first time you saw the rainbow when you were a child?🌈 How did you feel? How often do you make intuitive decisions? Are there too many things on the daily “To Do List?” Aren’t you forgetting to follow your heart?

The sixth chakra is located at the third eye and sharpens the sense of inner sight. By opening this chakra, you become more aware of surroundings and get inspired. The element is light and color is indigo or purple, the beautiful royal color.

If you feel stuck, uneasy, lost, or don’t see hope in the future, the third chakra healing might be helpful. Also blocked third chakra causes several unknown physical discomfort. I have struggled with dysautonomia and an eating disorder in the past for years. I felt like I was just walking in the dark long tunnel. I wish I knew about the chakra healing back then so I was in a better place sooner!

<Healing Practice>

Doing something you love and relax is the best medicine. / Breath retention practice and nadi shodhana. / Slow Vinyasa flow or Yin with eyes closed. Always see through your third eye. / Seated position meditation with a straight spine.

<Healing Foods>

Raw nuts & seeds (best are walnuts, almonds, and poppy seeds), mushroom, dark chocolate, and purple foods.


7つのチャクラシリーズ {第六チャクラ - アージュニャー}





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