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Heart Chakra - Journey Into the Heart

Seven Chakra Series 4/7

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra is all about the kind energy, such as, love, forgiveness, empathy and compassion. The healing color is green, and the earth element is air. It is a beautiful experience to unlock this chakra. When your heart chakra is fully bloomed, you have the ability to give and receive love.

For me, I feel like nature green opens my heart chakra the most. Just being in the forests makes me feel abundance of love showers from the universe. Then my soul tells me that I am a part of this planet, this oneness. However, going deep into green nature is not an easy option for most people including city life lovers like me, so here is the simple heart chakra opening methods you could try anywhere.

<Healing Practice>

The next time you feel upset, notice your physical body is tense, too. Then take a deep breath and choose to let go in this very moment. Don’t let your body hold the negative energy✨All kinds of back bending poses are helpful too. Or seeing and enjoying the beautiful things that make you happy: Going to concerts, museums, gardens, etc.

<Healing Foods>

Vibrant green veggies! OMG I loooove the green category!!!! Matcha and green teas are also great!


7つのチャクラシリーズ {第四チャクラ - アナハタ}





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