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Piano Lessons


Teaching Philosophy


I strongly believe that the learning environment has to be safe so that the students feel loved and free to express what they have.


I was fortunate to have five amazing dedicated teachers who perform and teach internationally for 24 years both in Japan and America. Now I am the one to pass the mastery and I am so excited for it! 


Music lasts a lifetime. The discipline that is required to practice music definitely carry on with them throughout their life whatever they decided to persue music career or not. My goal is to provide fun and detailed piano lessons customized for different goals for each student and approach in different ways. 

I accept ALL LEVEL students.


New! I will come to your house. (Orange County Area)

*The rate varies depending on where you live. Please contact me using the form below.



I have been teaching piano for nearly 10 years spanning all levels. (from the age 5 to adult) To schedule your first lesson, the previous experience is not required.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions you have, or to schedule your first lesson. Your lesson can be in English or Japanese.

What you could expect to learn:

-Piano Performance

-Music Reading Skills

-Music Writing/Compositional Skills

-Music Theory

-Sight Reading/Singing


-Ensemble Skills

-Perfect Pitch

-Great Sense of Rhythm 

-Stage Manner

-Coping and Stress Management



-Communication and Collaboration

-Time Management


What you could expect to do:


-Piano Competition (Only if you wish of course :) )

-Public Performance

-Music Festival

-Piano Recital

-Chamber Music

-Piano Concertos

-ABDSM (all grades)

-Writing Your Own Music

More and more as you progress!

You've got a question? Send a message to me!

Thanks for submitting!

You'll typically get a response within a few days.

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