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Throat Chakra - Express Your Truth

Seven Chakra Series 5/7

Here is my little story about throat chakra healing journey - I used to dislike my voice. I used to think I hate the actual tone of my voice. However, through my throat chakra healing I noticed that I don’t like my voice ONLY when I am talking about something that I am not sure about, or when I have to speak for some reasons. When I am talking with my honest words from my heart, I actually don’t care about the sounds of my voice. When I am sharing something I am passionate about, I don’t care about my voice. The joy of being able to share goes beyond. It doesn’t even matter which language I am using.


Whenever you speak with love, beautiful words come out from your mouth and you will like your voice. Just accept yourself so you can speak pure words. I am not afraid of speaking in public anymore now.

Throat chakra is the symbol of communication and responsibility of your inner voice. The color is blue and the element is ether or space. If you have childhood trauma on public speaking, have jaw pains or grind teeth often (which I do apparently while sleeping), you might need throat chakra healing.

<Healing Practice>

Sing or chant mantras (e.g. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung) while vinyasa practice. Meditation with beautiful music. Throat opening asanas, (Updog, fish and shoulder stand, etc.) neck stretches, and lion’s breath (exhale with tongue out and eyes wide open), are all great.

<Healing Foods>

Herbal Tea and sage, foods rich in anthocyanin which creates blue/purple-ish color.


7つのチャクラシリーズ 5 {第五チャクラ - ヴィシュッダ}




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